Sushi School at The Merry Kitchen

Sun, Mar 28, 2010

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Sushi School at The Merry Kitchen

Portland, Oregon — a foodie’s dream.

Well, what if you’re young and want to train to become a foodie?  What if Iron Chef America is more your show than Transformers, Spiderman, or even Spongebob?

Never fear, Julie Merry at The Merry Kitchen has a class for you.  She’ll coach you through four different dishes, with themes like Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, or…yes, even Spongebob.  Or she’ll design a private 2-hour cooking class with your requests.  In the class, you’ll learn why Julie Merry does not own a microwave.  You’ll slice, dice, mince, mix, time things, add seasonings, and think about presentation and coordination.  You’ll come away a happy kid.

Hey, Portland food scene—your heirs are waiting right here in Northeast, gearing up to be the next generation in the culinary arts.  [Julie Merry, I think you are on to something.]

We had so much sushi left over that we didn’t even need to cook dinner later on.  Bonus!

2 Responses to “Sushi School at The Merry Kitchen”

  1. Julie Says:

    Looks great! First page on google as well – thanks so much! Look forward to seeing you all again.


    • Ada Says:

      Oh, Julie, how I miss your classes for the boys. I can’t wait to return to Portland and sign up for more of your terrific program.


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